Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Quite Wrapping up the Everything Austen Challenge

Unfortunately with only a day or two left until the Everything Austen challenge deadline, I am well aware that I'm not going to make it. Everything Austen has been hosted by Stephanie at Stephanie's Written Word, and was designed for all of us Jane Austen fans. The idea was to experience (or re-experience) six Austenish books, movies or the like. Sadly, I have managed only two, Mr Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange and Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster.

Even though the challenge is going to officially end, I'm going to continue on into the New Year. I'll still post reviews, and finish in my own time. Thanks Stephanie, for all your hard work hosting the challenge.



Never mind, Fiona. It's always Austen time for Janeites like us. So challenge or not, it will be good to read your reviews. Hold on! Cheers.

Fiona said...

Thanks Maria. I should be receiving the copy of Sense and Sensability and Sea Monsters that I won in the mail any day now!

Shannon said...

I just finished the EAC... barely finished in time, LOL!

Mr Darcy's Diary was the first book of Amanda Grange's I've read... enjoyed it so much, I've also read the "diaries" of Mr Knightley and Colonel Brandon. Mr Darcy, Vampyre (also by Grange) is fantastic, too!

Fiona said...

Hi Shannon, nice to meet you. I am now following your blog, which looks fantastic. I love the Christmas photos of your family.