Saturday, April 10, 2010

The first footy game of the season.

Josh is a keen Aussie Rules Football player. Here he is all dressed and ready to go to the first game of the season.

He plays in the Under 10's, who play modified rules and don't actually have a competition. They play against teams from all over the area, but don't keep score. There are no finals, and no winning team at the end of the season. His coaches are some boys that play in the Under 16's. It's a welcome change from having his Dad coach him, it gives him a chance to do his best without being the coach's son. It also gives the 16-year-olds a chance to give back to the game they love, and frees up hubby to stretch his wings a little coaching the Under 14's.

I tried my best to get some action shots of Josh while he was playing, my slow reflexes and the delay on the camera on my phone made it very tricky! I think Alana actually took all the good ones.

Even though we don't keep score, I know that Josh's team flogged the other side! 

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