Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fashion emergency! Help required!

Guess what? I have a job interview coming up!

I have so far applied for five different librarian/library assistant jobs since completing my uni study. I have one confirmed interview, and I expect to have others also.

I have written a little bit about preparing for job interviews on my "other blog". If you want, you can read it here. On this blog, we're going to think about what I should wear to the interview.

Put your "fashion caps" on girls (and boys) and help me decide what look says "capable", "professional" and "all round fabulous" to you.

From Country Road, we have a nice conservative pant suit:

Perhaps worn with a colourful top so I don't look too serious?

Or how about a nice dress? I love the shape of the dress below, but it's from a shop called "MrandMrsTallClothes" which I certainly am not!

I love this skirt and top combo from Jacqui E. Does it look right for a librarian? Or too dressy and not professional enough?

Also from Jacqui E is this dress which looks really comfy. Would it be too colourful for an interview?

I looooove this dress from Portmans.

A nice simple top like this one from Katies would be easy to wear with pants or a skirt...

Ok, so I've discovered that I'm not too good at this internet window shopping thing. Please send me pictures or links or opinions or anything else that might be helpful. Here are some guidelines:

1. I'm not skinny. I can't wear stuff that's designed for six foot tall models!
2. I'm not rich. I can't afford designer brands.
3. Whatever I get for the interview, I need to be able to wear again. I can't have anything that makes me look like I the CEO of a company. Then it will be too dressy and serious to wear to work. A skirt or pants and jacket combo might be the way to go because they don't have to be worn together and different tops can create different looks.

Get working fashionistas! Looking forward to your fashion tips :)


GeeGee said...

I also love the dress from Portman's, very stylish. Good luck!!
from Glenda

Dillypoo said...

My two cents:

1. What do the other folks wear at the library (those in similar positions)? You want to step it up one notch above. If they're wearing skirts or dresses, then add a nice piece of jewelry or a jacket to the same. If they're all wearing jeans, then slacks and a blouse may be fine.

2. Make sure your outfit fits properly! The nicest clothes in the world will look terrible if they're illl-fitting.

3. Be comfortable in your clothes. Don't wear something that doesn't represent who you are. Don't wear a two-piece suit if it's not something you'd regularly wear (unless suits are expected for the position).

I suggest going to a department store so you can try clothes on. It's so hard to judge the fit of clothing bought online.

Good luck!

Brandy@YDK said...

I like the pantsuit and the dress that you love