Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Midwinter Malaise

Do you find that the weather has a big effect on your mood?

At my place it's winter, and I mean WINTER. It has been cold and miserable and it has rained A LOT. It hasn't been the cold that has bothered me particularly. I can appreciate a beautiful winter's day as much as the next person. But it has been so dark and wet! I need sunshine to feel my best.

So I'm going to blame my blogging slump on midwinter malaise.

Winter at my place hasn't looked pretty. There have been no postcard pictures.


Winter at my place has looked grey and dreary.

This is the view from my front door. Notice the water pooling on the lawn.

All the rain has made it impossible to dry the laundry. I don't like to put clothes in the dryer if they are marked do not tumble dry. This means that I have wet washing EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.

I do have drying racks, but in this weather the clothes take a LONG time to dry on them, even inside. I don't use heating in the house during the day, so not only do I sit around wearing cardigans, jackets and sometimes even scarves (!) inside the house, but my washing just hangs there, limp and damp, for days on end.

No wonder I've been escaping to the shops for central heating and to cheer myself up by spending money!

Also (while I'm having a whinge I might as well get it all out!) the cold, wet weather has been making me so hungry! I can't tell you how many cups of tea I drink during the day to keep me going, and I've been craving hearty, warming foods. A bit of sunshine would go a long way towards lifting my mood!

How's the weather at your place?

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Brandy@YDK said...

i'm sorry but it's hotter than hot here. 100 degrees many days. i put everything in my dryer though. i never line dry stuff - lol