Monday, March 5, 2012

Balance; take two

So... The post I wrote yesterday; the one about balance? I'm giving it another shot.

Basically, I'm struggling with going overboard in one area of my life to the detriment of other areas.

Does that ever happen to you?

At the moment I seem to be in my "superwoman" phase; thinking that I can "do it all". And what's worse; thinking that I should do it all.

What's that about?

For some time I was working on loving and nurturing myself; but now that I'm feeling strong I'm working on loving others and giving and contributing to the world at large. For some reason, I can't seem to manage to do both in moderation. I'd love any advice.

I'm going to stop now and publish this post before Blogger has a chance to eat it. I've got more to say, but I'll save it for another day.

Thanks for hanging in there with me dear readers.

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Dillypoo said...

Sometimes you need to take and sometimes you need to give. Sounds like right now you need to give, which can be just as comforting as taking. Just be mindful of when it's your turn again.

How are the travel plans coming along?