Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

My lovely hubby let me sleep in this morning. Bliss! He also cooked pancakes and brought me breakfast in bed. Heaven! And he took a drive up to the shops to get the Sunday papers so I'd have them to read. What a man!

Here is my Valentine's gift to myself.

Happy Valentine's To Me

I love myself.
My generosity of spirit, and ability to see the other side
of the story.
My insatiable curiosity and
love of learning.
My fierce love for my family,
translated into deeds of kindness and
words of encouragement.
My openness and optimism.
My ready smile.

I look into the mirror and smile.
I'm grateful for my eyes and ears and nose,
through which I see and hear and smell the beauty of the world.
I love my mouth,
so useful for eating and speaking and kissing and singing!
I'm glad of my arms and hands
for touching and hugging and helping.
My feet take me wherever I wish to go.

There is no need to point out my faults to me.
I know they're there.
I see the lines on my face.
I know the mistakes that I've made.
Despite these,
I move forward with strength and purpose,
navigating the challenges of the path before me.
I love me.

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