Saturday, February 27, 2010


I thought you might like to see some pics of my surviving pet dog, Zac. He's old, and deaf, and cranky, so he doesn't pose for photos very well. No, scratch that, he's not really cranky, he's just lonely because he misses his brother.

Anyway, we're giving him more attention and more free roaming space to try to alleviate the boredom and loneliness. Here are a couple of pics.

Having a little nap on the cool sand.

I'm trying to get his attention so I can take his picture! You can see the bottom of my skirt in the picture. 


Nina said...

Ah, you have a cute dog! :)

Fiona said...

Yeah, he's cute :) We moved his kennel yesterday, and he spent some of the night wandering around, then fell asleep in the sand again! You can't teach an old dog...