Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buck-a Book Challenge FAIL!

Way back at the beginning of the year I blogged about DelGal's Buck-a-Book Reading Challenge. You can read it here.

It's an easy peasy reading challenge - all you have to do is put aside a dollar for every book that you read during the year and - HEY PRESTO! - at the end of the year you have a nice tidy sum to spend on yourself.

Hooray! What could be better than "earning" a dollar for every book that you read?

One little problem...can you see where this is going?...I've had a bit of a fail with an important, crucial really, part of the process...

If you check the sidebar of my blog, you'll see my challenge progress. I'm doing a great job, having read sixty books so far with over a month to go in the year. Yay me!

Slight problem...I'm supposed to have $60 set aside, one dollar per book, and actually I have $0.

Yeah, major FAIL!

I started off with the best of intentions, carefully keeping a tally of books read and making a note when I didn't have the right change and how much I "owed". But then I needed some money for something, so I took it from the Buck-a-Book stash...you know how this story goes.


Oh well, I probably would have just spent it on books anyway :)

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