Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Interview Outfit

I know you've all been dying to find out how I'm going putting together an outfit to wear to my job interview.

It's quite a tale, given that:

(a) I don't enjoy browsing. I like to go into a shop knowing exactly what I want, find it, buy it, go home, THE END.

(b) I have found that Murphy's Law prevails, even when shopping, i.e. when you know exactly what you want, it is impossible to find.

(c) I have a limited budget.

(d) I am curvaceous.

So, I found some luvverlee shoes. Take a look:

They are from Colorado. The shop, not the state. When I saw them last Wednesday, they were 40% off. The shop didn't have my size.

When I looked for them on Friday, they were still 40% off. The shop didn't stock that particular style.

When I looked for them on Sunday, they were still 40% off. This shop didn't stock that style either.

When I successfully found my size on Tuesday, they weren't 40% off anymore. So I paid full price. Boo :(

Yeah...if I'm going to have that much trouble with shoes, you can guess how much trouble the rest of the outfit was.

So, I tried to stand in front of mirror and take a photo of myself dressed up in my outfit, but it wasn't exactly working for me. So here is my outfit laid out on the couch:

Hahaha, I have no idea why the photo comes out sideways! I promise on my computer it is up the right way, for some reason Blogger wants it to look like this.

Anyway, the top is from Jacqui E. It is cream and has some chiffon detail around the neckline. Pretty :)

The pants are charcoal and are from Target. They are super comfy and look nice, but unfortunately did not come with a matching jacket. I've searched high and low for a jacket that will work, or a suit that fits well and I can afford, but no luck.

Today I picked up a nice short-sleeved cardi from Rivers that I thought might work. The photo didn't turn out too good, but hopefully you get the idea:

I liked the top from Jacqui E so much that I got one in "mocha" too. I took a photo showing how the top could be worn left out over the pants as well as tucked in:

Hahaha, Blogger has decided that this photo must also be sideways!

Anyway...whaddaya think? Did I do good?

All opinions will be gratefully received :)


Dillypoo said...

Very nice! I like the detail at the bottom of the shirt and the little cardigan.

Good luck!

Chrissy said...

you did very well ! I like it :)

Brandy@YDK said...

I like very much. I love gray. and that sweater. and those shoes. very professional. good luck

Cathy said...

Love the outfits.
An executive at my school said to wear something that gives you a point of difference. eg. a broach etc or bright coloured shirt because often when they interview lots of people they forget who they are referring to, but if you have a point of difference they will say, remember the lady with the cat broach or the chunky diamond necklace who clearly doesn't need the job...LOL
Anyway try and have a point of difference when you dress, so maybe not wearing a suit will be a good thing because everyone will wear a black suit with a white or cream top.
Good luck!

Tabi said...

Think you did great and I love what Cathy said about adding a necklace to stand out a little. Good idea! Will remember that when I go for my teaching interviews!

Good luck!