Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I guess you are breathless with anticipation to know what I've been doing!

I'm sure that you'll want to get caught up on what I've been up to over the past few days.

On Saturday we had the kids' gymnastics party celebrating the end of the year. Sorry, no photos, but we did take video of the performances. Will try to upload it soon.

At church on Sunday morning we had the Sunday School Christmas celebration and presentation. Alana wasn't involved this year, being in high school now, but Josh helped read a poem...

...and the preschoolers did a very cute Nativity.

I remember when Josh was younger and was in the Nativity it used to make me cry, it was so beautiful!

Sunday afternoon we travelled to Sydney to my Mum and Dad's place for an early Christmas dinner with all "my side" of the family.

Josh with three of his cousins.

Alana with two more of the cousins.

Our traditional Christmas meal is cold ham and turkey with salads.

This year Mum roasted a "Turducken".

Today I took the kids to the beach (with one of Alana's friends from dancing). I should have been cleaning the house for the influx of relatives that I'm expecting on Saturday - we're hosting Chris' "side of the family" for Christmas day - but I guess I still have a couple of days...

How are you coping with the Christmas festivities? 

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Brandy@YDK said...

It always makes me so jealous that y'all are enjoying summer weather for Christmas.

have a great holiday! that dinner looks awesome