Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Heart Instagram!

I have found a super-dee-dooper iPhone app that I looooooove. It's called Instagram and it's free!

If you have an iPhone you MUST zip to the app store immediately and download it!

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. Take a photo, then apply one of the filters to give it that arty-farty look.

Here's a photo I just took in my back yard. See along the bottom of the screen there are a whole lot of sneakers? They're the different filters I can choose to apply to my photo.

I've chosen the one called "Lomo-fi" here:

See how it makes my photo look ever so much more "special"?

Then I click "share" and all my followers get to see my photo. Easy! There are options to share your photo to Twitter or Facebook too.

I can follow others so I get to see all their photos. It's like having an ever-changing photography exhibition in your pocket!

So get to it all you budding photographers out there - it's easy and oh-so-fun!

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