Friday, May 6, 2011

Fat Ass Friday- the fashion edition

I went shopping yesterday. You know, clothes shopping.

I decided to take everyone's advice and go to Target and look for one inexpensive work outfit to wear to my training day next Friday.

Target have really expanded their work wear range. They have pants in skinny leg, boot leg and wide leg; in three or four different fabrics, in about five different colours. Most of them also come in short, regular or long leg lengths. Then of course they have a bajillion different skirts and quite a few blouses. And one jacket. What???

Now bless their little hearts, the Target customers don't seem to be all that careful about keeping all the different items of clothing in the right place. They seem to just put them back wherever they like once they've taken them off the rack to look at them. And I guess Target don't have enough staff to regularly comb through the racks and tidy them up. Here you can see the librarian in me coming out! Imagine if you went to the library and couldn't find the books you wanted because they'd all been shelved out of order? Frustrating, right? was quite a gruelling task to find a selection of items to take to the fitting rooms, but I got there eventually.

I don't have all that much stamina for trying on clothes. All this getting into and out of different items, only to discover that you're not the size you thought you were after all, or that "skinny leg" really does have the emphasis on skinny! So then you have to get yourself all presentable, gather up your items, and head back out onto the floor for another round. Too much of that and I'm losing the will to live.

So I'm in the fitting room and can overhear two ladies talking in the next cubicle.

"That's a great colour on you," says one.

"Thanks. I like it, but I think it's too short," says the other.

"Ok, so you're not happy with the length. We'll look for something longer but I think we'll stick with that colour."

Hmmmm... I've got a great imagination, and I'm thinking that it sounds like someone's got a personal stylist with them.

A little later...

"Do you wear dresses often?" says "stylist" to customer.

"Would you believe I don't have any dresses in my wardrobe in the moment."

See, it does sound like a stylist; certainly not a daughter or friend who would know what her mother/friend wears!

And then...

"I'll just go out and get you a larger size in that."

Where, oh where, can I get me one of those helpful shopping ladies? I'd love one! Someone who could honestly tell me what they think of what I'm trying on and could help me search through the racks. They could also pop out and get me a different size if I needed it. I know you can take a friend or family member shopping with you, but they're not always capable of being honest! And I'd feel mean making them run around after me all day!

So, I guess you're wondering if I had any success.

I did come home with a pair of pants. 

Sorry about the quality of the photo. Needless to say, I didn't get this blouse which looks like a sack!

Unfortunately I didn't find a blouse that I was happy with. I also tried on a couple of dresses.

The top half of this dress was a bit too voluminous!

I thought this one looked pretty good! I didn't feel really comfortable in it, however, so I didn't get it. Maybe after I've lost a few more kilos.

How are you coping with your changing size and shape?


Lisa said...

Fiona I LOVE this post! Who doesn't loathe store change rooms?! You are both insightful and brave with this post. Well done! :-)

... and that last dress looks lovely!

Cathy said...

I LOVE that dress. Think I might head in and get it for myself.

ChrissyK said...

I love the dress !!! Looks good on you. Really enjoyed this post :) I can relate to this a lot ! especially I find the sizing can be a challenge to figure out at different stores. I do like shopping at Target, but I go there far too often :D

Dillypoo said...

March right back to Target and buy that last dress, Missy! It looks GREAT!

I've been known to ask strangers in the dressing room for their opinions, but shopping with a friend is always more fun.

Funny post!

Corinne said...

I love the dress too. Maybe not for work though.

I want a personal stylist.

Kerri said...

yeah get the dress!! lol i worked at target and some ppl dont know how to put stuff back where they got it! or they throw it on the floor! yes it is the job to put the clothes away from the fitting room but it would be nice if they didnt want to try it on to put it back for shoppers who might need that size ..sorry for my rant haha

i feel the same way i usually have friends go with me but i dont make them get me different sizes

u could also get a jacket to put over the voluminous one for day and take it off at night!! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

you look totally gorgeous!!! LOVE the dresses. love. and ya that shirt is not that good. feel free to post pictures of yourself any time.

Cerise said...

That black dress looks GORGEOUS on you!! Totally hate dressing rooms. It almost seems like a work out...then I feel all sweaty and gross in the end.

Amber said...

I LOVE Target's work pants (I believe the Mossimo brand) - I usually get them when they're on clearance for like $13 and they last FOREVER. I have a black pair that I've had for over 5 years. They wash so nice!

I really like the last black dress, it's simple and cute...they say every girl should have a little black dress, I don't so maybe I'll go look for that one!

Having lost all of my weight and not having extra money for clothes, most of my work clothes are looking frumpy because they're starting to hang off of me. My casual clothes when I gained weight I just stopped wearing (hello sweatpants!) so now that I can fit into them again they're getting to see sunlight again. I also can't bring myself to even go LOOK for new clothes, I find clothing shopping really frustrating, maybe I need one of those friendly shopper assistants too!!

sammy said...

You look amazing Fiona!!

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