Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am a Librarian... almost

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go...

Next Friday I'm going to a fabulous library for a training day, in the expectation that, all going well, they will have some work for me in the future. Yay me!

I am not superstitious, so I don't want anyone to point out to me that next Friday is Friday-the-13th!

The library manager rang to personally invite me to come in for a full day of training and is going to be looking after me on the day. She didn't give me much information about the upcoming work that might be available, just indicated that there would be some. I'm taking all this to mean that she wants to get a good look at me in the library environment before she employs me!

Needless to say, this is a great opportunity for me! And just a little bit daunting...

It's exciting to me that the library manager is prepared to put time and energy into training me. I'm thoroughly looking forward to a full day in a workplace that seems to be ideal for me. It will be wonderful to meet the rest of the team and see the variety of daily tasks involved in the job. It will be great to be in a busy, dynamic workplace meeting people. I'm also aware, however, that I will be "on trial". The library manager will surely be watching to see how suitable I am to be employed by her, so I do want to make a good showing.

I'm planning a recon trip to the library to get the lay of the land. I've only been there once before, for an interview, and I didn't see much of the library. I want to walk through the whole place so that I know where everything is. I'm going to watch the library clients to see how busy it is and how the library is used. I'm going to observe the library staff to see what sort of tasks they are undertaking and how much action the reference desk is getting. Can't you just imagine me hiding behind bookshelves eavesdropping on a librarian helping a patron? Just kidding, I would never invade a library patron's privacy that way.

I've also been trying to figure out what to wear.

Of course when I'm on my recon trip I'll check out what the other librarians are wearing. Beyond that, my main problem is that I have nothing that fits me! Having lost 11 kg over the past 12 weeks (yay!), my two pairs of work pants are falling off! I've been on a couple of shopping trips, but I don't want to spend money on nice clothes that might only fit for a short while. I'm still losing weight and figure that I'll drop another couple of dress sizes over the next few months. Advice please!

What else should I do to prepare to wow them next Friday? Any suggestions very welcome.


Cathy said...

I am so excited for you Fiona. I hope it turns into something more permanent.
Is it close to home?

Dillypoo said...

That is GREAT news! Actually, that is great news twice. Yay for the interview and yay for smaller sizes!

As I was losing weight and sizes, I replaced my clothes at discount stores as needed. I wanted to keep my momentum by looking as good as I felt, and that meant wearing clothes that fit.

Dresses have a longer shelf life than pants, so maybe a simple dress in a dark or solid color would work for the library. I think you said you have Target in Australia? They always have cute things at good prices.

Good luck!

(And again, my computer froze when I tried to comment last night from home. Weird!)

Brandy@YDK said...

i think you need to get at least one nice fitting outfit for the training day. or maybe have some current clothes tailored - that's cheaper.

that's super exciting. you will be great!

sammy said...

Well done on the training day ... hope it leads to a permanent position.

I think you need to buy something to feel good in now...I know you are still going to lose more weight but something that adjusts as you go ... a wrap dress would be perfect ... you could wear it with flat boots or stockings and shoes and then when it gets warmer again with some flip flips or sandals.