Friday, July 1, 2011

Waiting Sucks

I was so looking forward to Sunday 26th June.


Last season I bought each episode from iTunes the morning after it showed on pay TV here in Oz. Which was very soon after it aired in the States. So all was good. Each week I got my fix and stayed up to date with True Blood related gossip on the interwebs.

Monday morning I checked iTunes. Nothing.

Tuesday I checked the Aussie pay TV program for signs of Season 4. Nothing.

Wednesday I posted a question to the True Blood page on Facebook. Someone replied telling me she had downloaded the episode (I assume illegally) because she couldn't wait. More power to her. I don't know where to go to download it illegally. I'm that lame :(

Today it's Thursday, and still no sign of True Blood Season 4 Episode 1. Boo :(

In happier news, can't wait for July 17th! It's my hubby's 40th and we have tickets to see...

Yay! If I can't have my vampires, then at least I can have my wizards :)


Nina said...

Sorry to hear that. I still haven't watched the first season of the show, but they do not air the show here. So sad! ;)

And yay for HP! ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

i have no idea about downloading stuff illegally. i'm sorry it's not out ther for you yet. i hate waiting.