Friday, October 7, 2011

A Confession

So. Where do you stand on the issue of Intellectual Property?

Ever broken a copyright law?

Bought a pirated DVD?

What do you do when a TV show that you love isn't showing in your country but is available online?

I think you can see where this discussion is going...

The Vampire Diaries

Here's the story of my love affair with this show.

I stumbled upon Season 1 showing on Go! TV. As soon as the season was available on DVD, I bought it. 

Season 2 also showed on Go! Each episode was "fast tracked" from the US, meaning that we were only days behind. As long as I didn't read too many blog posts or follow too many Twitter users that tweeted spoilers, I could enjoy the Season along with everyone else. As soon as the season was available on DVD, I bought it.

Which brings us to Season 3. Four episodes have aired in the US. And Go! doesn't have an airing date yet. Grrrrr.

Would you?

I consider myself pretty law-abiding.

I don't download the episodes to my computer. I don't distribute the episodes to anyone. 

I just watch the episodes.

And when the season is available on DVD, I'll buy it.

What do you think? How bad is this on a scale of one to ten?

And what do you do?


Chris Smith said...

You're in a real pickle! Technically speaking if you download any of these shows you are breaking the law but it seems everyone does it. I won't tell if you don't :)

sammy said...

Well you are going to buy it anyways ... so no one is really going to lose out!