Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top Ten Books to read during Halloween

I have to list the top ten books to read during Halloween.

I feel that, being Australian, I have a distinct disadvantage in this task. Halloween just isn't celebrated as a holiday here in Australia.

Of course we know what day it falls on (October 31st, right?). When I was a child, Halloween was a holiday that we only saw on TV via American sitcoms. As I grew older and children obviously watched more TV and became better at nagging parents, small numbers of trick-or-treaters began appearing on the streets, wearing half-baked, home made costumes and carrying plastic grocery bags to collect their booty. Unfortunately, many householders were caught unawares and without lollies to give out. "I'm sorry, we don't celebrate Halloween," was commonly heard. (NB: lollies = candy.)

Nowadays, a significant minority of children successfully beg their parents to be allowed to trick-or-treat. Their costumes generally aren't much better, and you still won't see more than a handful carrying specially designed Halloween lolly bags. Despite every retailer's attempt to get us to buy Halloween related merchandise, most Australians just can't fathom spending money on something that will only be used for a couple of hours on one night of the year. A night of the year that has no personal relevance for them. Despite this, most householders are now prepared with a small bowl of lollies to give out, but can't imagine going to the trouble of decorating their house or having a party. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but adult Australians don't dress up for Halloween.

Anyway, enough about that. I'm supposed to be talking about books.

I'm going to start with some books that I have read, and enjoyed, with supernatural themes.

1. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Click the link to read my review.

2. Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger, just like Shiver, is about love. It is heartbreaking, uplifting, devastating and beautiful. Stiefvater creates a fantasy inhabited by characters that are intensely human and real.

You must read these books!

Don't get me started on the fact that I haven't yet read the third book of the series, Forever. I'm going to borrow it from my local library just as soon as it becomes available.

3. The Sookie Stackhouse (or Southern Vampires) Series by Charlaine Harris.

These are the books that inspire True Blood. Enough said.

4. The Harper Connelly Series by Charlaine Harris.

I actually like these even better than the Sookie Stackhouse ones!

5. The Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong.

I'm just about to start Broken, book six in the series.

I could continue. Now that I think about it, I do read a lot of books with supernatural themes! However, because I think of Halloween as a children's holiday, I'm going to suggest some kids books.

6. Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.

7. The Goosebumps Series by R.L. Stine

8. I Spy Spooky Night by Jean Marzollo, Walter Wick (Illustrator).

My kids loved the I Spy books when they were younger. They used to have races to see who could find all the items on the list first!

9. Miss Fiona's Stupendous Pumpkin Pies by Mark Kimball Moulton, Karen Hillard Crouch (Illustrator).

I couldn't resist this book that I found via the Apples for the Teacher website, given that my name is Fiona! Reading the review, it sounds like it has a nice positive message.

10. Celebrate Halloween from National Geographic.

I've included this book because some kids prefer to read non-fiction. Also, given that I live in Australia where, as I've indicated, we don't celebrate Halloween or really understand the traditions, I thought it was a necessary inclusion!

If you've enjoyed this list, then go visit the linky post and read some more suggestions!


Emily @ Books and Threads said...

Hilariously I love the Sookie books and can't stand True Love. It's totally too violent for me. *sheepishes* I really enjoyed Discovery of Witches though - finding things through research makes me so happy!

Also I totally have Australian friends who throw/hold Halloween parties and get dressed up - maybe it's a location thing? :D

My Top Ten list is over here if you'd like to stop by. Happy (already mid-day!) Tuesday to you!

Jan von Harz said...

Great list will definitely add some of your choices to my Halloween list.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I'm a Sookie Stackhouse fan as well...even though I enjoy gothic selections for fall :) I need to look into the Harper Connelly series...did you know that the next Sookie Stackhouse will be the last?

I've had Discovery of Witches on my radar for some time now...I clicked on your link and read your review and now MUST have it!! Sounds similar to The Historian except with witches!

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

Ha ha - I included a "we don't do halloween" bit too!

Oooh Women of the Otherworld - great pick! I've still only read the first two but I absolutely loved them!

There was a big marketing push for A Discovery of Witches which put me off; I'll have to check out your review.

Here's my list!

Dillypoo said...

I read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies last October. Also an excellent Halloween choice!

Jen (Makeshift Bookmark) said...

I am so glad you included Goosebumps. My 10 year old self TOTALLY agrees :) I loved those books. And Fear Street, too!

Brandy@YDK said...

i think me and you have the same taste in books.

halloween is such a big deal here. i can't imagine it any other way

Just a Lil Lost said...

Ooh I haven't read the Harper Connelly series! I'll have to check those out.. I also have the Sookie Stackhouse series on my list :P

I forgot about Goosebumps! Used to read those when I was younger..

Great list!

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