Thursday, September 10, 2009

1. Tai chi for dummies

I went to my regular tai chi class today, and managed to drag along a friend to watch (I'm trying to convince her to join). I think it would be great for her because she has health issues and also tends to let stress get the better of her. Listen to me! I've been letting stress get the better of me this week, when I should have been practising my tai chi. Sometimes I'm a bit of a slow learner!
Tai chi reminds me to breathe deeply, to stand or sit comfortably with my weight balanced evenly, and to relax my shoulders. It reminds me of my connection to the universe, and the energy that is pulsing through everything. It reminds me to be mindful of what I am doing right now. When I get stressed, I tend to be "too busy" to practise. This is, of course, when I really need to practise most!
2. All about information services
Topic 5 of ETL501 is called "Information services to staff and students", one of the core activities of the teacher librarian. Some issues I will be grappling with include the key factors that the TL must consider before offering an information service, the use of pathfinders, how to evaluate the effectivenss of the information services that you provide, how to conduct a reference interview, likely problems if offering a digital reference service, the key areas of information services and their order of importance, particular or special needs, and providing students with help regarding information literacy skills.
Whew! I received a lovely compliment from my friend Kathryn the other day. She said I seemed to be "interrogating the topics with passion" and "engaging with the issues". Awesome! I have my reading material ready to get stuck into it.
3. TrueBlood vs the books
I have been participating in the Sookie Stackhouse reading challenge (go to Beth Fish Reads and click on the Sookie tab at the top of the page for more info). At the moment I'm about half way through book four, Dead to the World, which is just as much fun as the first three were!
What's not to love? A lovable heroine, more than enough choice in love interests, action, the supernatural... These books don't take themselves too seriously. They don't pretend to be anything more than a bit of fun!
The TrueBlood series, in contrast, seems darker and more serious. To me, it has a completely different tone. Some of this is because the series doesn't have the first person narrative like the books. We don't see everything from Sookie's quirky point of view. But some of it, I think, is because the TV producers thought they'd make more money from something seriously scary and seriously sexy, so moved away from the tongue-in-cheek style of author Charlaine Harris.
But what do I know? This is my opinion, I'd love to hear yours...


Witch Baby said...

I know the feeling - my daily yoga practice is the first thing I declare I am too busy for. And then everything else gets out of whack.

I agree with Kathryn - you are tackling the issues in engaging & interesting ways.

I'm waiting to check out Vampire Diaries. I didn't care for the scary side of True Blood - after all, it's the quirk that makes Charlaine Harris so good.

Fiona said...

I'm not familiar with Vampire Diaries, but I noticed on Sarbear's blog that the show was starting in the US.

Ms Ulat Buku said...

its true, both the book and the series are completely different but I love them both. I love the book because its fun and easy to read and I love the series because its darker and sexier. :)