Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Drags

Yesterday my husband and son went to the drag racing at Eastern Creek Raceway. They stayed all afternoon and night, seeing all sorts of vehicles including "top doorslammers", "top fuel" and "top alcohol". (Not sure what the "top" is all about!) As you can see from the photo above, Josh had a great time! He's been to motor racing before (yes - his father is a rev head!), but enjoyed the constant action of "the drags" more than the Bathurst 1000.
They were lucky enough to run into one of Josh's school mates, which helped alleviate any boredom between runs.
Alana didn't want to go (she thought it would be too loud), so she stayed at home with me while I worked on my ETL504 group assignment. Luckily she had a friend over to play (Singstar 80's on the playstation) while I participated in a marathon 3 hour skype conference call!
The good news is that the group assignment is nearly done! One more skype tonight should have us ready to submit.
In the meantime, the weather is glorious here today! Sunshine, a predicted top temperature of 30 degrees, and it's not humid. Hooray for spring!

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