Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally, a book review.

Some time ago, I received this book in a giveaway courtesy of the lovely Beth at Beth Fish Reads. Due to the demands of academic life, family life and work, I have only just finished reading it. So here, finally, is my review of The Castaways.

The Castaways, by Elin Hilderbrand, is about four couples, and the intricacies of their relationships. One of the couples is killed unexpectedly, and in suspicious circumstances. Through a combination of flashbacks and current action, we explore the dynamics of the friendships, and the chain of events leading to the fateful sailing trip.

I enjoyed this book, especially the vignettes of family life, and the descriptions of the Nantucket Island setting. Revelations build upon intrigue, leading toward an (unfortunately) not altogether satisfying ending.

My favourite character was Delilah, who manages to encapsulate earthiness and passion. She has a voluptuous figure and likes raunchy jokes, but still picks strawberries and makes jam with her children!

I'm not sure that I found the characters and their relationships entirely believable, but I enjoyed the way the novel was written from multiple points of view.

The Castaways is a good 'beach read'.


Sarbear said...

Fiona, your first review? This is great : )

Fiona said...

No Sar, not my first review but my first in a while. And not a very well-written one either...