Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's a photo of me with my gorgeous children Alana and Joshua, taken this morning when we got home from church.

What am I wearing? Well I'm glad you asked :)

I'm wearing a skirt that I picked up at Salvos Store for $2.50.

The top was a present a couple of years ago; I'm wearing black opaque tights and my Rivers black shoes.

This afternoon we're off to the shops so that I can spend a couple of gift cards that I received for Mother's Day. What a happy day when I have the opportunity to buy something just for me!

Wishing all my readers that are mothers a very happy day! I hope that your families let you know just how special you are.


Brandy said...

Totally cute. Happy mom day

Dillypoo said...

That's very slimming! Happy mother's day!

Shannon said...

It's cute and a great bargain... can't beat that!

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!