Monday, May 10, 2010

Sydney Study Visit

I'm so excited! From tomorrow until Friday I'll be completing my Study Visit, a required part of ETL507 "Professional Experience/Professional Portfolio" for my MEd (TL). I am attending a university-organised tour of various libraries and information agencies.

From my subject outline:

"Study visits are an excellent opportunity to see the information resources and services of a range of libraries and information agencies and to reflect on the diversity and commonalities in the goals of these organisations and the manner in which each works to fulfil these goals."

I'll be commuting via train to and from Sydney each day, then travelling by train, bus and foot to different venues with the CBD.

Libraries I'm visiting:
  1. Ultimo TAFE Library
  2. Customs House Library
  3. University of Technology Library
  4. St Andrews Cathedral School Library
  5. Australian Museum Research Library
  6. Australian Film TV & Radio School Library
  7. State Library of NSW
After the visit is finished, we must hand in two reports. From my subject outline:

"The reflection report gives you the opportunity to overview and discuss what you have gained as a developing information professional from the sites you visited during your study visit and from the overall experience. The evaluation report gives you the opportunity to assess the value of each site you visit."

I'll keep you updated during the week as to how I'm getting along. Wish me luck!

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Cathy said...

I can't wait to hear about your visit because I am doing that subject next semester. Are the 2 reports the only things you have to hand in for that subject?