Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Trailer!

Yay! Any day with a new Harry Potter movie trailer is a good day! Can't wait to see these movies :) I wonder how they're going to manage splitting the book into two movies? Where will part one end and part two begin?


Dillypoo said...

I am beginning to be very happy that they are making this book into two movies, if for no other reason than it won't be over in November!

I think they'll split the films when Harry says Voldemort and the snatchers find them. It'd be a good cliff hanger to lead into the second film.

Shannon said...


I've watched this video, I don't know how many times! And have SQUEEEED! each time.

I don't know where the first part will end, but I read somewhere that the cliffhanger isn't where you think it would be. Getting caught by the Snatchers was one of my first guesses. Or when the trio goes to visit Luna's dad and almost gets caught... I don't know!