Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TTT - Have fun like a child


do you think it's more fun to be a parent or a child?

Derrr! (Duh if you're American) Of course it's more fun to be a child! I've never appreciated my childhood as much as since I've been a parent. Oh the marvellousness of not being in charge of the bills or the house or anything else for that matter! Kids hardly even have to be in charge of themselves!

The hardest think for me about being an adult, especially one who is married with a mortgage and kids - the full catastrophe as they say - is the responsibility! Wouldn't it be lovely if someone else had to make the decisions, keep their eye on the time and the budget, and make sure that everyone is healthy and happy for a change?

A lesson I have had to learn is that, believe it or not, I don't make the world turn! (Imagine that!) I can't make everything right all the time, I'm not always in control, and I DON'T HAVE TO BE. As my kids get older, I have to work to make sure that they get a little more responsibility each year with their added priveleges. Alana started high school this year, and I have to make sure that I don't get in her face too much about her homework and assignments. I have to show her the respect of letting her organise herself and take responsibility for her own deadlines. I'm lucky, Alana is naturally a mature and responsible kind of girl. Joshua is more of a challenge, as he's a fun-loving boy who can't see much point in hard work. I'm going to have my work cut out for me letting go of some of the responsibility and turning it over to him.

In order to have fun like a child, I think I need to make time for play. What is play to me? What do I really have fun doing? And how can I fit it into my routine so I don't lose my fun side? Well, guess what? I bought tickets for Alana and I to go and see Eclipse on the day it opens in theatres! Yay! Looking forward to July 1st for some fun :)

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Brandy said...

I totally miss my childhood. and ya the responsibility can suck it.

Joy said...

Oh, to be a kid again! Of course, when I was little all I really wanted to be was "grown up," be the one in charge and deciding how things would be.

Enjoying your blog, Fiona.

Shannon said...

I do like being an adult...it's great to have the freedoms that come with being an adult. But also, it'd be great to have the "freedoms" that kids have! No bills to pay, no laundry to do, no cooking, cleaning, etc! ;)