Sunday, June 27, 2010

My hectic life.

I don't think I'll manage a Twitter Trio post today, things have been way too hectic at my place!

Today Alana is at the ballet studio competing in the annual Scholarship Exam. She's doing two different grades, Grade 6 and Intermediate Foundation, and will find out later in the day if she has won any awards.

Soon I'll be heading down to the gym with Josh for the Scallywags Gymnastics competition. Yes, that's right, the ballet and gymnastics will, of course, be on the same day! Josh is competing in Senior Level 5, and we'll find out at the end if he receives any medals or ribbons.

Chris is playing the BJ Smith Cup AFL Masters today, unfortunately none of us will be there to see his brilliance!

And as for me, well I've already started doing some reading for next semester's uni subjects which seem quite challenging.

Here's a picture of Lucy to finish the roundup.

I am utterly hopeless at taking photos of her, I have lots and lots where she's not looking at the camera. This is the best I could do - she's chewing a tennis ball sitting in her favourite pile of leaves in the back yard.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone, and I'll update you on everyone's results soon.

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