Friday, February 18, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - the "I've actually lost weight!" edition!

This is my first real proper fat ass friday with actual weighing of the self and actual weight loss. Yay me!

Before I reveal the stats, I should point out that I have really old non-digital bathroom scales that may or may not be working correctly. So the numbers that appear below may not bear a very strong resemblance to my actual weight.

Starting weight: 78 kg
Current weight: 76 kg
Loss this week: 2 kg!!!!!

Let's all give Weight Watchers a big hip hooray!

Weight Watchers also suggest that you take a "before" photo of yourself. I didn't want to strip down to a sports bra and bike shorts a la biggest loser, so I thought I'd be a bit creative. I took a photo of my most motivating feature - my stomach. I took a photo of it squashed into my jeans and the photo was truly terrifying! I won't show it to a living soul until I have a better "after" or at least "half way" photo to put beside it to show the improvement! I blame Josh, who was a 4.76 kg baby (10 pounds 5 ounces) and caused my stomach muscles to separate down the middle.

Weight Watchers also suggest that you track your measurements as well as your weight, so next week I might have some loss of centimetres to report as well as kgs. I'm crossing my fingers that the first week wasn't just a fluke!

Now you should all click on the button below and visit Brandy at You Don't Know. She's awesome and is also losing weight via Weight Watchers.


Brandy@YDK said...

i had to go look up the conversion to pounds. But YAY!!! that's so awesome. I haven't taken any measurements yet and really need to. I didn't take a "tradition" before picture because there is no way I'm stripping down

Nina said...

That's really good! Hooray! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Dillypoo said...

A new do and a smaller you! That's a great week!

Hold onto the pictures because it's lots of fun and very satisfying to show the before and afters! I avoided cameras before losing my weight and it's a struggle to find any now for my before shots.

Go you!!!

Cerise said...

Congrats that's awesome! I need to take pictures. Maybe not to share, but at least to remember why I'm trying to lose weight.

Shannon said...

Way to go!

I need to get on the weight-loss bandwagon. Warm weather (read: tees and shorts!) will be here before I know it.

Witch Baby said...

Horray for you!!