Sunday, February 13, 2011

What does your future hold?

Have you got any big plans for the future?

Any big goals that you're working towards?

Big dreams that you hope to achieve?

At the beginning of this year, like every year, I wrote down how I was feeling about the year ahead and what I wanted to achieve. Funnily enough, losing weight didn't feature at all. That goal has just ambushed me out of nowhere!

I've had some time for my dreams to take shape and for them to solidify into goals. Here they are (in no particular order)...

Get a job

I want to find a job that is meaningful, enjoyable and stimulating to me. I want to work in a library and plan to find my job satisfying.

What have I been doing? I've applied for several library jobs and have had one interview. No success yet. I am getting a little bit discouraged, but not in the sense of feeling bad about myself. I know that it often takes a lot of unsuccessful applications before hitting the jackpot. I believe that I am well qualified and that I have a great combination of skills and experience that will make me a great asset to any library that is lucky enough to hire me. What is discouraging me is the amount of time and effort that goes into writing application letters and addressing selection criteria. What I'm lacking here is stamina! I'm finding the process tiring.

I'm thinking of finding a library to volunteer in to gain specific experience. Several people have told me that this tactic was helpful for them (not necessarily in library work). I've also considered looking for work in a book store. So far, however, I haven't made firm plans to do either of these things. I'm thinking that I should make a timeline for myself with a deadline to make some decisions about strategies. Otherwise I might float along sending off applications all year without success.

What do you think?

Become a writer

I guess I should explain this one. I enjoy writing. I write two blogs. I tweet. I facebook. I journal - on paper!

I enjoy the process of writing and I appreciate good writing when I read it. Often when I read something that makes me think, illuminates an issue for me or moves me, my immediate thought is, "I want to write something like that!" I want to produce meaningful and interesting content that engages and inspires my readers.

What am I doing about it?

Paradoxically, I've been writing less than usual this year. Perhaps I'm suffering 'paralysis by analysis', I'm overthinking it. Or maybe it's just that I spend too much time consuming the written word and not enough producing it. When I sit at my computer it's easy to be distracted by my twitter feed, facebook, or to spend hours visiting and reading other blogs. I think I need to set aside time specifically for writing when I close all the other windows and just have the one that I'm working on open (the horror!).

How seriously do you take your writing? I'm not suggesting that I want to only write about serious things. I love reading posts that make me laugh out loud. I'm just saying that I want to write well and I want to write things that people want to read. I could spend the rest of my life playing at it but I'd like to move up to the next level. How about you?


I'd like to experience more of the world. I want the excitement of planning a trip and having something big to look forward to. I want to meet new people and see different sights. I want my daily life to be different for a while. I want to escape the sameness of my regular existence and break out of my rut.

I'm thinking along the lines of a house swap. Airfares are enough to save up for without adding accomodation into the mix. Besides, I want to actually live somewhere, not just visit it from a hotel room. I want a couple of months to feel like I'm having an authentic experience of the country that I'm in.

What have I been doing about it?

I've had a half-hearted attempt at launching a house swap event on this blog. You can read about it here and here.

What's stopped me from making it official and moving forward? I've been focussing on the obstacles. The need to save up money for airfares and spending money. The need to get my house into a fit state for hosting another family. The difficulty in finding dates that would work for both my family and the swapping family. Having to organise time off work and a break from activities.

What I think is needed here is to bite the bullet. Make a commitment and work towards it. To that end I'm 'in discussions' with my husband about it. Stay tuned.

So what do you think about my goals? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Am I trying to do too much at once? Am I too ambitious and simply expecting too much from life?

I'd love to hear what you think.

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Brandy@YDK said...

I think you are making a step in the right direction by listing your goals out. Best of luck!