Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

It's hot :(

Feeling a bit un-Australian because we're not at the beach or barbeque-ing. We are instead sitting around at home with the air conditioner on, watching TV, playing on the computer, and trying to decide whether or not to go to the beach a bit later in the afternoon when it cools down a bit. Wish we had a pool!

I'm going to use this opportunity, it being Australia Day today, to invite you to indicate your interest in participating in Beautiful Bloggers Australian Adventure House Swap. Go on! Click on the link and check it out! I'll wait...

Now that you're back, I'll tell you a bit more about what I have in mind for the House Swap. Firstly - DO NOT PANIC - by demonstrating your interest you are not going to make yourself vulnerable to me turning up on your doorstep demanding entry! You are not committing to anything!

Secondly, I want everyone to be able to join in the fun of learning about Australia, my town, and the activities of my daily life. And I want to learn about other countries too. So I'd like to run a series of blogging challenges. For example, I might write a post titled "Brisbane Water National Park" and challenge all participants to post about a place of natural beauty near their home. Or I might write "Meet the Gosford Tigers AFL Club" and challenge everyone to write about a local sporting or community club that their family is involved in. Get the idea?

Thirdly, if I get enough interest we might even be able to run a competition in which followers vote for their favourite post in each category. If there are enough people following my blog and participating we might even find some sponsers to donate items for giveaways! Yay!

Of course the idea is that once my family and the other blogger's family are safely installed in each other's houses, the blogging will continue! Imagine what amusing posts we'll be able to write about our experiences with culture shock in another country, trying the local food, meeting the people and living the life.

Lastly, I'm using my readers' interest (or lack thereof) as a guide for whether or not to go ahead with this idea. If there doesn't seem to be much interest, I will put the idea on the backburner for another time.

So, Happy Australia Day one and all, and I hope that you will give me some feedback about the house swap idea.


Brandy@YDK said...

i think it sounds totally awesome! there is just no way I could afford to go to australia. :(

Dillypoo said...

I love the blog idea! Count me in.

And I discussed your house swap idea with a friend. Her husband is Australian and his family lives in NSW. She was interested in your idea. If she decides she wants to know more, then I'll tell her how to get in touch with you.

Dillypoo said...

Oh! How about telling us foreigners about Australia Day?