Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm way overdue for a haircut and colour. Unfortunately my holiday funds have not stretched far enough to accomodate grooming expenses.

I've decided to treat this as an opportunity, and am going to use the time until I can afford to go to the hairdresser's to come up with THE PERFECT HAIRSTYLE!!!

My hair is fine, wavy and prone to frizzyness, and is naturally a very fetching mousy colour with attractive grey streaks. I have a round face.

At the moment it is just past my shoulders with long layers and a long fringe that sweeps to the side. I usually get foil highlights in two colours, blonde and chocolate brown.

I'll do a bit of a Google Images search and post some contenders for THE PERFECT HAIRSTYLE!!!

Any ideas gratefully received :)


Christine Smith said...

That's why I pay my hairdresser to choose my haircut. We sit over the colour book and go 'this is nice and that looks good' and then she kindly suggests what to go with. I pay lots of money for her to think for me though!

Dillypoo said...

If memory serves me, you just described my hair. I've been cutting and coloring it for so long, though, I haven't a clue what it'd do if I left it alone for six months!

Are you going to use some of those sites where you upload your photo and "try on" hair styles?