Friday, January 28, 2011

Fat Ass Friday and my take on The Biggest Loser.

I can't even pretend that I worked on weight loss this week. I didn't. But you know what? I don't feel bad about myself, or guilty, because I know that I don't eat excessively and my diet is generally healthy.

Watching promos of The Biggest Loser's new season is a real eye-opener. This season the trainers have to spend a week living with the people that they are going to be working with, and they must EAT THEIR FOOD. ALL OF IT. And it's horrifying to see what these people eat. They go through the drive-through at McDonalds THREE TIMES A DAY. They eat whole tubs of icecream covered in chocolate sauce and lollies for dessert FIVE TIMES A WEEK. They have their own special recipe for creamy pasta that involves whole cartons of cream AND sour cream. What the hell???

Of course these people are significantly overweight, unhealthy and lack energy. Of course with a few weeks of healthy eating and exercise, the weight will fall off them. And good for them. In exchange for personal training and support with nutrition they are putting their lives on the television screen for all to see in the name of entertainment. They deserve to have great outcomes.

But it also makes me a little bit cranky. It seems so unfair. I don't eat anything like these people. I stick to three meals a day with healthy snacks. I eat regular food - fruit and veg, breakfast cereal, sandwiches, casseroles and the like. I like a glass of wine with dinner, and I'm partial to a hazelnut latte. I can honestly say that I take care to get the nutrients that I need and don't eat too many foods with "empty calories" - foods that have lots of fat and sugar but don't provide any nutrients. I walk the dog every day, swim once a week, and practice tai chi. So why do I look alarmingly similar to some of the (admittedly smaller) biggest losers?

So, what are your eating habits like? Please don't gloat if you are one of those annoying types that can eat whatever they want and stay slim. Have you unlocked any secrets that help the metabolism to ramp up and burn those calories? Is running the answer? Lots of protein? Cutting carbs? And do you enjoy watching The Biggest Loser?

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Brandy@YDK said...

i think if you aren't one of those naturally slim people that it is a lifelong struggle to be slim. I always wanted a personal trainer. i don't have any answers for you right now. maybe when i'm a skinny beyotch - I'll know all the secrets. drugs?

Frizzy said...

I eat like you. We don't do fried food. We eat out once or twice a week but we share an order of fries between the 3 of us. We choose the healthy alternatives when we can. I cook with chicken or ground turkey instead of beef. I also don't do the heavy creams or white sauces that cause the added weight. It's frustrating beyond belief. I mentioned my battle in my 1st Journey to Parenthood. I was running daily, weight lifting, swimming laps and doing yoga and not a single pound came off. NOT ONE!!! I feel your pain and some weeks we just hurt about it all. Think of what our life and body's would be like if we didn't try as hard as we do. Trust me I aint the size 8 I used to be anymore. NOT BY A LONG SHOT!