Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey y'all! Next BBAAHS challenge!

Thanks so much to Dillypoo and Brandy for participating in my vlog challenge. Guess what? They both say y'all a lot, and in their honour I have decided to try and use it as much as possible. Easy when writing, but not so easy to use when speaking. I'll try it on my family first, and then when I get more confident with it I'll try it out in public!

I am going to send Brandy an Aussie prize package! Lucky her :) Click here to check out her vlog.

Dillypoo got some Vegemite in her prize package, but I forgot to send her instructions on how to best eat it. Whoops!

Here are some instructions for her and for Brandy when she receives hers.

1. Vegemite is a salty, savoury product. Don't expect sweet. Don't be surprised. Savoury. Salty.
2. I think Vegemite is best on hot, buttered toast. Spread it thinly on top and eat immediately. Perfect with a cuppa (cup of hot tea).
3. Aussie kids grow up on Vegemite sandwiches. They taste best when you use really fresh, soft white bread. Butter the bread then add a thin spread of Vegemite. Yum!
4. Vegemite is awesome on Vita Weat biscuits.

In this pic you can see that the Vegemite has been combined with cheese. Vegemite and cheese are a match made in heaven! You can do a Vegemite sandwich with cheese, or a toasted sandwich with cheese and Vegemite so that the cheese goes all melted and runny!

A favourite treat for my kids is a "cheesymite scroll".

So, all this leads me to my next Beautiful Bloggers Australian Adventure House Swap challenge.


This weekend come back and link up your post telling me something about the food that you eat in your country or region. What is it famous for? What do regular people eat? What sort of restaurants are popular? What produce is local to you?

Use your imagination and whip me up a food related post!

And me your address!


Dillypoo said...

I can't wait for the y'all vlog!

And I'm going to try the Vegemite with cheese and crackers. Cheese makes everything taste better, right?

Brandy@YDK said...

sounds really interesting. I can't wait to try it.

AMY said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from Minnesota USA!
Love your blog and learning about new things around the world.
Vegemite might not be my taste though.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's the key for me "Spread it thinly". I adore the stuff but spread thick it makes me sick!  ッ