Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mind Your Language

It's time for the vlogging challenge to begin!

Please post about the language(s) that is/are spoken in your country, and give me any information that you'd like about words and their meanings, various regional differences or accents and the like.

I'd particularly like you to include a vlog in your post so I can hear you speaking, but it doesn't have to be long, and you can write additional stuff too if you want to. I'm not a hard task-master, but I do really want a video of you to watch!

Here's me talking about how Australians speak.

Since making the video, I've thought of lots of things that I should have said but didn't. I guess I could have said "g'day mate" or "crikey" or "drongo" or "dag". I could have said "barbie" or "dunno" or "arse". Just so that you could have a laugh. Sorry about that. If there's a huge tidal wave of demand for it I'll make another video.

Also, I should have mentioned that English is not the first language for lots of Australians. Australia is a multicultural country and lots of people speak the language of their homeland (or their parents' homelands).

Also there are many Indigenous languages, and some Indigenous people speak Aboriginal English or Creole which is a distinct type of speech in which English is spoken in an Aboriginal way and with a mixture of Aboriginal and English language.

So go ahead and tell me something I don't know about your language.

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