Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today I had a fairly unhappy customer at the information desk.

"Well, I've only got a minute, I've got a train to catch!" she started. Not a good start for me. I may have possibly felt just a little teeny tiny bit of pressure to be very quick with my help!

She slumped into the chair I offered her. "I've never used libraries until the last couple of days and since then I've had nothing but trouble." Oh dear. A new student, unfamiliar with the library, feeling unenthused about what help I'll be able to offer. Now I have to be not only quick, but brilliant!

She was actually a lovely girl. Just not feeling confident and happy about using the library. We had a chat, I showed her a couple of things, and lo and behold when she got up to leave she said,

"Thanks. You've actually been really helpful."

And she smiled. And walked away with a bit of a bounce in her step.

It makes this "baby librarian" very, very proud.


Lisa said...

Great job Fiona! It is always nice to know you made a difference :-)

Witch Baby said...

Excellent job & I'm so very happy she let you know that you helped her. i

Dillypoo said...

That's because you are AWESOME! We all knew that. It was only a matter of time before the library figured it out, too!