Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh

It was Josh's 11th birthday yesterday!

Here he is, just chillin', playing his new Pokemon game on his DS while watching something on YouTube. Who said males can't multitask?!

We had what was, in my humble opinion, a great day! Relaxing and fun.

Josh wanted to go ice skating for his birthday outing. In my house, the kids take turns having birthday parties. This year it was Alana's turn, which means that Josh got to choose a fun family outing instead. He and Alana had a lot of fun on the ice while I tried to stave off frostbite with a cappuccino from the "cafe". I'm not even kidding. I wore a scarf and gloves and still my fingers and toes went numb. One of my fingers in particular went an alarming shade of grey! Luckily I appear to have no lasting injuries...

After skating we came home and just hung out playing with toys and games.

When Chris got home from work we went out to dinner at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen - Josh's favourite.

We had a fantastic time at dinner - laughing the whole time. I love these guys!

Happy Birthday Josh!

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Lisa said...

That looks like fun. Happy Birthday to your Josh!

This morning my Josh happily exclaimed that it is HIS birthday in 2 months. 21-turning-22 year olds still count the days to their birthday! lol