Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lost: one woman's mojo

It's been a strange week.

This time last week I had just finished my last day of work at the uni library. I had worked four days a week for  seven weeks. 

It was a great experience. A foot in the door. A fabulous opportunity. 

And I actually enjoyed the work. It provided me with just the right amount of challenge. The hours were great. The people were nice. No down side.

And yet, when it finished I was looking forward to having more free time. To blogging more. To getting back into my much neglected Twitter account. To reading. Pottering about the house. 

You get the drift.

Somehow, it just hasn't lived up to what I was expecting.

I've been grumpy. I haven't felt like I've achieved anything even though I've been racing around like a blue-tailed fly. What's with that?

I obviously  haven't transitioned very smoothly back into my "normal" routine.

As I write I am enjoying a glass of "chardy" and planning to hop into a lovely deep hot bath. With a book.

Wish me luck in finding my mojo.


Christine Smith said...

Don't worry Fiona. It happens to us all. I've lost my mojo as I smell the holidays. It takes a while to transition from work to not working or the other way around. How's your oversea trip planning coming along?

Anonymous said...

It think finding the right balance with work is always hard. Enjoy your wine!

Dillypoo said...

How'd that bath and wine work out? May have to give it a try myself.

I need to email you with some ideas for the Texas leg of your trip. I've just been too friggin' busy!