Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Embrace the Randomness!


Very observant followers may notice that a couple of things are missing from my sidebar.

Here's what's happening: I got sick of feeling torn about this blog; sick of feeling guilty posting pictures of my puppy and my kids and not posting enough "serious stuff" about librarianship. Sick of feeling guilty about boring my followers by posting too much "serious stuff" about librarianship. Aaaaargh!

I  have stumbled upon what I think is the perfect solution - have two blogs! (Of course!)

So followers of a reader's random ramblings... who like to see my puppy and my kids - rejoice! This blog will be my observations on life, posts about things and people that I love, and posts about the books that I'm reading. I'm going to embrace the randomness! I may even unleash more randomness! Yay!

And...drumroll new blog A work in progress... is COMING SOON!!!

My new blog is where I will focus on my professional development as a librarian, so if that's your thing, stay tuned! When the first post is up I'll make sure that I let everyone know.

So what do you think? Are you up for a random ride? Or will you be jumping from the random train and boarding the bus to the library? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

1 comment:

Brandy said...

I'm sticking around for the random. no offense but library stuff isn't really me. Will you still post some book reviews here though?