Friday, August 6, 2010

Feel Good Friday

To celebrate my decision to create a new blog for my professional development (see this post), I've decided to create my very own weekly blog event!

Yay! (Cue the fireworks!)

I'm calling it "Feel Good Friday", and I'm inviting everyone to join in.

The instructions are very simple:

1. Write a post on your blog titled "Feel Good Friday". Make it uplifting, or funny, or cute...basically anything that makes you (and hopefully your readers) feel good.
2. Make sure you mention my blog "a reader's random ramblings" somewhere in the post and include a link to this post if you can. (I'm working on a button for future weeks, but for now you'll just have to copy and paste the URL.)
3. Use the Linky below to link your post to this one so that all my followers can visit your blog and read your Feel Good Friday post. Make sure you use the URL of your post, not just the home page of your blog.
4. Visit the other participants, read their posts, and FEEL GOOD!

So here's my post:

Have you ever felt that the world is a harsh and unforgiving place? That life is hard, and you're not sure if the pain is worth it? (Stick with me guys, the Feel Good bit is coming right up!)

Then you need to find something that gives you hope.

Gives Me Hope is "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Twitter style". Full of personal stories about what gives people hope, this initiative is uplifting in the extreme. The stories often start out sad, but they always include a ray of light - hope.

Gives Me Hope is the ultimate antidote to depression. Check out this story as an example:

"Today my school had a fire drill.

I was standing outside with one of the most popular football players, when a Down Syndrome girl came up to him and wanted to hold his hand b/c she was scared.

Happily, he held her hand in front of all his friends back to class.

His soft side in front of his boys GMH (Gives Me Hope)"

May 16, 2010 12:00 PM by Rachel, Griffith IN - Random acts of kindness

You can

Now don't think that just because my post is kind of serious, that yours has to be too. Not at all. I accept all kinds of feel-good content - from a funny picture of your kid, to a link to something on YouTube that cracks you up, to a funny story you heard. Anything at all that makes you Feel Good!

Now get cracking on your post and come back and link up!


Brandy said...

awwww that GMH story was so sweet.

Dillypoo said...

I like this idea! I was still dealing with the worst case of jet lag in recorded history on Friday, but I'll try and have something next week to help you get this going!