Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making life better

I love a bit of personal development, self-help, whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I'm always looking for ways to make my life more meaningful. Underneath my random exterior beats the heart of a deep thinker!

Sarah Wilson writes for one of the Sunday papers, and blogs too. The purpose of her column, and blog, is to document her journey to make life "better, sweeter, bigger, more meaningful, nicer, smarter, heartier". Sounds good to me.

I love this post, in which Sarah tries out the Pomodoro technique. Never heard of it? Well then, click on the link and find out what it is!

(Picture from Sarah's post on the Pomodoro technique.)

Sally McGraw's already pretty blog is awesome because Sally combines fabulous fashion with thought-provoking articles about body image, not to mention fantastic "how to" articles for those of us that love fashion in theory, but struggle with it in practice!

Check out this post, in which she challenges the idea that you can't dress a certain way because you have the wrong body shape, no money to shop for clothes, or are simply too scared to dress the way you really want to! Awesome!

And I love Sally's "daily outfit" pics. Here's one:

While we're on the subject, Julie Parker's blog Beautiful You is a wonderful source of inspiration for all things positive to do with self-esteem and body image.

In this post, Julie explains that she is giving up gossip as part of the inner mean girl cleanse!

At the moment, I'm reading a book called The Element, which is about finding that place where your passions and your abilities meet to create your optimal zone for purpose and enjoyment in life. I've been reading it in very small increments, due to amount of uni-related reading that I've been ploughing through, but I'll be sure to let you know what I've learnt from it when I've finished.

In the mean time, may you enjoy and appreciate all the great moments in your life. And me, mine.

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