Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just for the record...


Remember the post about it nearly being my birthday? Well, my birthday is NEXT Monday! Thankyou so much Brandy and Shannon for the birthday wishes, I was forgetting that even though it was Tuesday by the time I posted, it was still Monday for you, so there was a bit of confusion!

You can all wish me a Happy Birthday again next week LOL

I was supposed to get myself an early birthday present today, but it didn't quite work out. I'll be getting it on Monday instead...something that I've been wanting for a while...what will it be?!? I'll post pictures!

Don't forget I'll be having Feel Good Friday again this week - it will be Thursday where you are Brandy and Shannon LOL 


Shannon said...

Too funny!

Well, hope your Monday was a good one!

And yes... I will be back NEXT Monday for sure to wish you happy birthday ;)

Brandy said...

hhahaha! whatever. you don't know me.