Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family favourite - Crispy Chicken Tacos

With all this talk about traditional American dishes, I've been thinking about Mexican food. (Just go with me people!) My family love my Crispy Chicken Tacos. I'm not trying to tell you that they're authentic Mexican, and I do have the help of Old El Paso.

I'd love to hear from people that do actually eat traditional Mexican food. What do you think of my version?

First I take some chicken breast (about 500g for my family), and dice it up small.

Now comes the magic of the Old El Paso! In the box is some "crispy crumb". That's the bit that everyone in the family loves so much.

I put the chicken and the crispy crumb in a clip-lock bag and shake it so the chicken is all evenly coated.

Then I make my own version of guacamole. It has avocado, sour cream and "Mexican seasoning". I know it's not what you'd call authentic, but we like it!

Now I chop up some vegies. This is what passes for a healthy family meal at my place because for some reason my kids prefer raw vegies to cooked. Salads - yes, cooked vegies - no. Makes it a lot easier to feed them in summer than in winter.




Also we need plenty of cheese. This is the pre-grated stuff I buy in a bag at the supermarket. We go through a lot of cheese in my family.

Now let's take another look inside the Old El Paso box. Sweet chilli sauce - yum! We'll use that to top our tacos later.

Now to go with our tacos, I make an entree (starter) that I call Nachos. First we need some corn chips. I buy cheesy ones because I think that plain corn chips are a crime against humanity.

I have these cute little ramekins that I make individual serves of nachos in for each of us. No fighting over the corn chips! I top the corn chips with cheese then throw them under the griller for a few minutes.

I'll show you how I finish them off soon!

Also in the Old El Paso box are some mini soft tortillas. LOOOOOVE tortillas. Can't abide hard taco shells. I think they're just like a big plain corn chip - crime against humanity.

Finally, after all the preparation, I'm ready to cook the chicken. I fry it up and try to get it nice and brown and make sure that most of the crispy crumbs stay on the chicken. My family love those crispy crumbs so much that they will eat them straight out of the frypan!

Each ramekin of nachos gets a few pieces of crispy chicken on top, some more cheese, and another blast under the griller.

Here's how I eat my nachos - topped with guacamole, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. Yummy!

Here's how I like to eat my tacos: first a generous smear of guacamole, then a few pieces of crispy chicken.

Then, a generous serve of vegies, and topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

You may be concerned that I won't be able to fold my taco and get it in my mouth! Please don't worry, all the vegies smush up easily and I just stuff it in - but you won't be seeing a photo of that!

I'd love your feedback on my crispy chicken tacos. Does your family like Mexican? How do you make your tacos? What about Nachos?

Any recipes gratefully received and I promise I'll document any attempts that I make!


Dillypoo said...

Fiona, I've been wanting to tell you for awhile now how much I enjoy your blog. I never know what to expect when I drop by, but it's always fun. You're a terrific writer and your upbeat, cheerful demeanor is always apparent. So cheers to you!

As for Mexican food, I live in Texas, which is right next door to Mexico. I eat Mexican food A LOT! You can pretty much put anything in a tortilla and call it a taco. I prefer seasoned, shredded beef tacos with some lime juice, onion and cilantro. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

What is typical Australian food?

Brandy@YDK said...

that looks fantastic and just like our tacos here! yumm