Friday, September 3, 2010

Feel Good Friday - Shout out to my mate Fi

It's Friday, and time for my regular "feel good" post. This morning was chaos - everyone had to get going earlier than usual and of course Alana's sports uniform was still wet and needed to go throught the dryer! I'm sure you know what I mean. Sitting down to write, I thought to myself, "What do I  have to feel good about today?" Thankfully, my good friend Fiona sprang to mind straight away!

Fiona and I just click. You know what I mean, when you can just talk and talk and it's so easy to spend time together. Yeah, that's us. We're not really alike, though we do have some things in common. We don't always agree, though we never fight. We've just got a great friendship in which we're completely happy to let each other "be themselves".

On Fridays, Fiona and I get together to swim laps for exercise and then have a coffee. Of course it's the coffee we really want! Some Friday mornings we don't really feel like swimming, but having each other helps us to just get on with it. Afterwards, in the change rooms, we always say to each other "Well, that's done - now off to coffee!"

We have a couple of favourite coffee shops that we frequent, and the baristas know us by sight and by name. One in particular always asks for a name to call out when your coffee order is ready. "Fiona," I say when I order my coffee. "Fiona," Fi says when she orders hers. The server smiles at us and I make a lame joke like "We travel in packs."

So I must get into my swimsuit and pack up my towel, goggles, shampoo and such. Roll on coffee...

Now it's your turn.

1. Write a post on your blog titled "Feel Good Friday". Make it uplifting, or funny, or cute...basically anything that makes you (and hopefully your readers) feel good.

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4. Visit the other participants, read their posts, and FEEL GOOD!

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