Friday, September 17, 2010

Feel Good Friday - the cute puppy edition

Lucy had a tough week last week. She was booked in on Monday (6th September) for her "special operation" i.e. desexing. The vet rang to tell me that she had responded badly to the sedative and would need IV fluids and medication to bring her heart rate and blood pressure back up into the land of the living.

Then during the op, the vet discovered that some of Lucy's anatomy was not exactly as it should be. This, coupled with the bad reaction to the sedative, led the vet to think that Lucy might have some congenital health issues, and recommended a blood test.

Blood tests back, it turns out that Lucy is healthy except for a couple of results that could mean that her liver is not functioning properly. Either that, or she just needs to eat a bit more and put on some weight.

So, you can imagine how relieved we all are that she has bounced back to her usual energetic self, is eating drinking, weeing and poo-ing just as she should! We've increased her food a bit, but she just seems to leave it behind if she doesn't want it, so that doesn't seem to be working so well :) We'll repeat the blood test in a few weeks to see how she's travelling.

I take Lucy for a walk every day. Her favourite things are: chasing leaves that are being blown in the wind, chasing ants and bees because they look interesting, smelling things, picking up rubbish in her mouth and carrying it along, drinking from the street gutter if there has been some rain, and digging in mud (also if there has been some rain).

Here is a cute pic of her licking her dirty face after some enjoyable mud-digging.

Yes, that is someone else's driveway in the pic, we were on our walk around the neighbourhood and this particular house had some mud - irresistable. I am a bit of a permissive doggy-mum!

Now it's your turn.

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Brandy@YDK said...

she's super cute. you could just feed her chicken mcnuggets - that's what my nana feeds her dogs and they are fat. lol.