Monday, December 26, 2011

Have you survived Christmas?

Just a quick post to say that I hope you've not only survived, but have thrived through Christmas.
I've had a very tiring couple of days.

Tiring, but good.

I've been blessed with time spent with family, special foods, and wonderful presents.

A highlight for me was receiving my new iPad. This is my first attempt at posting from it and it seems to be working ok so far.

A lowlight was dropping a bottle on my foot and breaking my toe. I haven't exactly had time to get it x-rayed or have a doctor look at it, but it's black and blue and swollen and it hurts; so the combined wisdom of myself and family members says it's broken.

I think I need a little lie down now.

How are you guys holding up? Any especially fabulous presents? Any Christmas injuries?


Lisa said...

Ouch! Hurt toes really hurt! Hope it feels better soon Fiona.
I hope you now get to enjoy a restful week!

Dillypoo said...

No broken bones for me this year but I do have a nasty paper cut on my thumb. Probably not as tragic as a purple big toe, though. I recommend having the hubster and children bring you food and drink while you direct them in tidying the house and washing laundry.