Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Interesting Thing for January

So, how's December treating you?

We're all busy, busy, busy - right?

When you've got kids, the end of the school year brings with it a whole raft of special activities.

Josh had his gymnastics display. I had photography fail.

This is Josh mid leap during his pirate themed tumbling display. He did awesome flips of all kinds, and this is the best that I can do. FAIL.

Alana had her school presentation assembly.

Alana is the one on the left. Here she is with her besties posing with her certificates.

I've always thought that it is especially bad timing that in Australia, the school year ends just before Christmas. 

I'm not sure what the end of the school year is like in other countries, but I imagine that there are recitals and prize-givings and the like, just as we have here. But who needs to be dealing with all these extra events at the same time as they are preparing for Christmas?

It means that December is particularly stressful.

And that January is a wasteland.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer holidays as much as the next person. It's just that January feels particularly empty coming straight after December.

The kids don't have school, and their after school activities are on hiatus for the holidays.

So I've decided on a plan.

I'm going to try to do one interesting thing each day of January and blog about it.

Great plan, right?

If you'd like to make any suggestions for family friendly and budget ideas for me then leave me a comment.

Get creative!

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Brandy@YDK said...

end of year and christmas. that sounds rough. our end of years are like may/june