Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finding a needle in a haystack.

Loving this description by Matthew Koll of the approaches to finding information on the Internet:

A known needle in a known haystack
A known needle in an unknown haystack
An unknown needle in an unknown haystack
Any needle in a haystack
The sharpest needle in a haystack
Most of the sharpest needles in a haystack
All the needles in a haystack
Affirmation of no needles in the haystack
Things like needles in any haystack
Let me know whenever a new needle shows up
Where are the haystacks?
Needles, haystacks - whatever (Koll, 1999)

I'd like to add my usual feelings when searching:

Hooray - I found a needle!

As I learn more, I'd like to progress to the stage where I can say:

Not only did I find just the needle I was looking for, I've found several others that are just as sharp and maybe even more useful!

Koll's little poem is sooooo clever and funny, but demonstrates that knowing exactly what you are looking for, and where you expect to find it, is so important.

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Libby said...

Fiona, seems like it's a common analogy! I haven't seen this description before - says it all!

How can I make link from my blog to your post?!