Friday, February 27, 2009

There's a new superhero in town!

One of the main purposes of this blog is to explore my ideas on the role of the teacher/librarian in a school. Well, after only one week of study I have come to this conclusion: Move Over Wonder Woman! There's a new superhero in town - The Amazing and Multi-Talented Teacher Librarian!
She is simultaneously across all aspects of the curriculum and knows how to access the most current and applicable resources for all topics. Her collection is well-organised, attractive, up-to-date and easily utilised. She acquires new and varied resources as they are needed. The school library website is a work of art - allowing access from home to the online catalogue, a variety of reference tools and links to relevant websites. The school library itself is a welcoming, happy and stimulating environment with an ever-changing display of student's work. "Amazing" has a respectful and warm cooperative relationship with the school's teaching staff. She regularly meets with teachers across all stages and subject areas to collaboratively plan resourced based learning. She is an admired and respected leader within the school, and is responsible for developing the school into the information literate community it is today. She enjoys recreational reading (especially children's literature) and shares this love with her students by reading aloud and promoting award winning literature and Book Week. I'm sure there are other things too...
Is this Amazing TL a real person? Is she human? Is it even possible for her to exist?

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