Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today I'm suffering a bit from "mother's guilt". I'm working very hard to stay on track with the work required for uni. There's a lot of reading and a lot of detailed questions to consider. There's an expectation that I'm applying critical thinking skills to everything I'm reading and all the issues I'm supposed to be analysing. Today is Thursday, and I'm probably almost up to date with the weekly expectations for one of the two subjects that I'm studying this semester. The other one I did some preliminary work on before the semester started, but I haven't even looked at yet this week! On top of the regular weekly work, I have an assignment for each due within 8 weeks. (Less than 5 weeks for the first one!) It's best that I don't even mention that I have two more assignments (one for each subject) a few weeks later.
So...I have a lot of work to do...which means that I'm not paying as much attention to my children as usual.
Now my children aren't babies, they're 8 and 10, but they do like to tell me about their days at school and what they want for their birthdays and what girls they know that they're dancing against at the next eisteddfod...And they get bored (suggestions of doing homework or tidying their rooms don't seem to help!) and they want me to do stuff with them.
I know I have to make the most of this last golden age before the teenage angst and grunting begins, but it's so hard to make any more time appear! I'm only one week into my course, already my TV viewing and fiction reading has succumbed, also the housework doesn't seem up to its usual standard! Where else will I steal the time from?

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