Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Insights - hard to come by

So far, I'm having a lot of trouble thinking deeply about the issues that I'm supposed to be grappling with in regard to teacher librarianship. I'm finding that there is such a large volume of information provided with my course, my first priority is simply to "get through" all the required reading.

Being aware of the many demands on my time, I'm trying to be quite task-oriented in my approach to study. So after reading, I am focusing on answering the questions posed in the study material. I'm finding even this level of work challenging, timewise.

But the real work of learning; the wondering, puzzling, "a-ha!" moments, creation of new ideas, posing of new questions etc hasn't really been happening yet. Snatching small pockets of time here and there to work doesn't appear to be conducive to immersing myself fully in what I am studying.

I can already see the value in blogging: even if I have no particular insights when I start, the process of writing down whatever thoughts I do have helps. I may even have an insight by the end of the post!

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