Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Fatty by Dawn French

Dear Fatty is a memoir written as a series of letters Dawn's nearest and dearest. Touchingly, many are written to her father, who died when she was only 19, to update him on what has been going on in her life since then. Dawn is known as a comic actress, and is one half of the comedy duo French and Saunders. Her reminiscences are so honest, and real, that they had me both laughing and crying.
Dawn's warmth, and immense love for her family and friends, comes through every page. Every embarrassing story is told with joy, and noone is spared her brutal honesty in the telling!
One of my favourite stories is the tale of the day that the Queen Mother visited the air force base that her family were living on, and her family had been chosen to receive her in their house. Dawn describes the flurry of dusting, mopping, new haircuts and new outfits; not to mention the curtsy practising. She describes her extreme disappointment that the Queen Mother's head was adorned with a hat, and not a crown. And, horror of horrors, the Queen Mother had black teeth! She was clearly a witch!
A very enjoyable read.



I love Dawn, especially as the Vicar of Dibley. I find her a genius in her profession and a unique woman. Thanks for this review.

Fiona said...

No problem, Maria, thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading this one, I also liked the Queen Mum story but my favourite letter was the one where she discussed her body image, the importance of confidence and aversion to exercise having as she does 'the kind of well spread bum that is perfect for sitting and watching'.

Fiona said...

Hi book pusher, glad to meet you. I popped by your blog and decided to follow :)