Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm feeling a bit grumpy today, so have decided to try to cheer myself up with a cute puppy picture! Aaaaawww! Why am I feeling grumpy? I'm starting to resent my uni assignments.

The sun is shining today, and I'm shipping off my children to the caravan park to be entertained by my parents, so I can get on with work. So I'm feeling a little bit resentful of my assignments, which are not cooperating. They are complex, difficult, multi-part affairs, which are difficult to define and even more difficult to complete. Trying to squash all my thoughts, and everything that I'm learning, into the required form is doing my head in.

The assignment forums have been running hot with questions from students and responses from both other students that are trying to be helpful, and the lecturers who sometimes seem just a little bit frustrated by our ignorance! Don't get me wrong, they answer our questions with great patience, I just detect on occasion an undertone of exasperation! We ask all sorts of things, from the the mundane but necessary such as referencing, to the more existential. "What is the purpose of this part of the assignment? You seem to be asking such and such, but I think I'd rather talk about thus and so, which I think better meets the purpose." You guessed it, I am guilty of a few of those more curly questions. But you know what? I actually trying to learn something here, not just pass assignments. (Though I would really, really like to pass as well!)

Anyway, back to work for me. First I will swing by the forum to see if I have any answers yet...

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