Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good news, bad news

The good news is I am still here!

The bad news is I have no time for clever, witty blog posts.

The good news is my pathfinder is finished!

The bad news is I am over my word limit.

The good news is I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and then Josh's gymnastics comp on Saturday!
The bad news is I only have until Monday to complete my pathfinder and accompanying critical analysis.
Take care everyone :)


Witch Baby said...

Wow - busy days ahead of you. Have fun! And don't forget to squeeze in edits.

Fiona said...

Hey "Babe"!

Still furiously writing the critical analysis of my pathfinder too...

Chrissy said...

Oh yes I know exactly what you mean about the pathfinder :) It is taking MUCH longer than I thought it would. Your blog just cheered me up :D I am attempting to get my teeth into the analytical part tonight.

Fiona said...

Hang in there Chrissy :)